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There is no doubt that the process of naming your business can be one of the most stressful parts of starting a business. The fact that this is how everyone will recognize and remember your business and that it is something that cannot be changed if you happen to change your mind, can really put a lot of pressure on any new business owner and rightfully so. A good and catchy name has the potential to make customers even more interested in your business and that is always a great thing so putting some extra effort in the name is totally worth it. To help you choose a business name that will help your business prosper we will give you three great tips that you should definitely use.

Remember what names are great for businesses

Not every name is suitable for a business name in the same way that not every name is suitable for a pet. When coming up with a business name you need to focus on creating something that is unique, but easy to remember and spell, something that is short and something that will help you connect to your customers by provoking an emotional response in them when reading your business name. You also need to make your name suit the type of business that you run because depending on whether you are, for example a B2B or B2C business, the advertising will be very different and your name needs to fit the style of advertising that you will have to use.

Take the long list and narrow it down

When you want to choose a business name, the best thing to do is come up with a long list of possible names, usually people use brainstorming sessions to do this, and then simply go through the list and start eliminating. You will most likely immediately know which names are the ones that you definitely don’t like so it will be easy for you to start eliminating. The goal here is to get your list down to a few decent ones that you really like and then simply test drive them until you see which one works the best.

Find the perfect one

As we said above, after you have come up with a few great names it is time to take that number down to one and the best way in which you can do that is by test driving the names that you already have. When doing that it is very important that you get your target audience involved and ask them how the feel about the names and which is the one that they like the best, because after all they are the ones that will be shopping on your site and if a specific name will make them shop more, then that’s even better. To do this you can use tools such as LeadPages and Unbounce which are programs that help you choose your business name faster.

These tips may seem like things that are fairly obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people focus on the complicated and forget about the simple steps. Don’t make the same mistake and follow these few simple tips and they will definitely help you choose a business name that will stand out from the competition and resonate with, both, your business and your customers.

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