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The simplicity of your logo can do wonders for your business. A typical example of an organization that used simplicity in their logo design and excelled is Google. Just by the look of the Google logo, you can see the simplicity of the design. That underscores the fact that you don’t need a sophisticated logo or a big budget to create a winning logo design for your business. This article walks you through the process of creating a simple logo using logo design software:

Business name

Business name evaluation is the first step to creating a simple logo using free logo maker software

First, you need to know if your business name is long or short, and whether you have a tagline or not. Know that logos are not just limited to use on websites. They are also plastered on napkins, towels, flyers, business cards and other promotional materials. Experts recommend using a longer name for your logo. Don’t forget that half of the internet users search products and services using their mobile devices. So make sure that the logo is optimized for mobile devices.

Select your favorite logo maker generator tool

There are many great free logo maker software you can choose from, including Canva, logo maker, and PicMonkey. These logo design software mentioned earlier are adapted to the beginner, so you won’t have problems using one of them. Let’s not mention illustrator. It’s a program-best left for experts, as it takes quite some time to learn.

Logo maker generator tool
Free logo design software

Choose a beautiful font from your favorite free logo maker software

Font will determine how great your logo will look. So you must know the best font style and size that will appeal to your target audience. Most of these free logo design software come with their fonts. But if you don’t find beautiful ones, you can export from a site, such as creativemarket.com. You only need to type your business name in the creativemarket.com search box and compare the huge array of fonts displayed.

Move the business name around the free logo download software background.

This is where you head to the logo software canvas and type out the business name. You can then start moving them around to see how the different designs look. Try in both uppercase and lowercase. If the words don’t align correctly, try to make them different sizes. If the main font is overwhelming, you can try out the second font. Tweak and finesse the design and color of the words until you find a perfect fit for your logo.

Logo design for your business
Icon logo design

Choose an icon from the logo generator

This step is optional, but it can make an impact on your logo. Always choose an icon that resonates with your font. Also, stay away from obvious symbols, as they’ve repeatedly been used. The trick to getting the symbol right is to try it out on different white spaces of the text until you find the perfect balance.

Tweak and finesse the size and color of the business name to fit the logo design

When tweaking and finessing the business name, make sure it’s visible. You can incorporate more definition of the words by adding a drop shadow. You can also try to change up the color of the additional words to see how it looks. Do that repeatedly until you nail it.

Branding design
Professional logo

Testing is the final stage of logo creation process using logo maker generator

Test out the logo by adjusting its size. You can make it big, change it up to small, adjust the color and witness how the design looks after all those tests.

That is the process of creating a professional logo using free logo maker software. Of course, different logo design software has different processes and features, but this is a standard process to design logos for small businesses.

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